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M106 or M125 Mortar Carrier for Flames of War Vietnam   Leave a comment

M113mortar (1)

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Posted January 13, 2013 by shermon15 in Battlefront, Flames of War, Flashpoint Miniatures, Vietnam

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Modern era Helicopters for FOW Vietnam and FoF   Leave a comment

My kids picked up a box with the new Battlefront Cobra helicopter.  The model was very easy to put together and I ended up modeling the airframe after the AH1G.  I used used the US armor spray from battlefront to put down the base coat.  Otherwise I followed the You Tube painting guide.  Overall the I am satisfied with the model as it looks nice and was easy to accomplish a good look.   I did paint a gloss on the canopy after I took these photos. 

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Painting Machine March 2010   Leave a comment

New items from the painting machine March 2010. 

UK Guards Armoured Company.  Slowly adding some weathering since I first played them against the FJ.  Still need to add in some more tactical ID decals for the Irish Guards.  Will try to print them myself.  All models are from Battlefront

  • HQ 2 Sherman Vs
  • 3x platoons (2 sherman & 2 sherman firefly)

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