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Star Wars Legion in the Workshop   Leave a comment

Star Wars Legion!  I have been waiting for this since 1977!  I just didnt know it because I was only 6 then.

SWL Banner

This will be my game for the year.  I will concentrate on building the two armies and terrain.

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More painting and more painting   Leave a comment

I have been a very busy bee the last couple month.  In addition to painting two ACW armies, TY models, and some Space Marines, I have painted some a number of other models.  First up an Imperial Roman Century (well only 20 dudes instead of 80)

Roman Century

The goal will be a Roman Legion and Barbarian Army (Celt, Gaul, or Germanic)

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Taking the next step: 3D Printing   Leave a comment

Meet Lulzbot Mini

3D Printer

The mini was reviewed as a intermediate level printer, but an easy learning curve.  I try not to spend money on simple devices knowing full well I would upgrade in the near future.  So we got this one from Amazon for $1250 USD.  Of course I had to buy a bunch of filament for about $30 per spool.

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Flames of War Tag: Normandie   4 comments

I have been volunteered to host a Normandy game for our local club and a special visitor from the States.


We will have two tables.  The first will be Juno Beach (6′ x 7.5′) which is above.  We will have two Canadian companies landing here

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Market Garden Battle Day   1 comment


This year the gaming club selected two battlefield scenarios to run for Market Garden.

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US Forces for the Pacific (Gung Ho Edition)   1 comment

The question here is… how much do I expand my Pacific Theater Forces?

US Amtrac (1)

The Answer is “of course I need one more USMC company and support”

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Work in Progress January 2016   2 comments

One of my big purchases in 2015 was the 21st Panzer Division Stug tanks and other mechanized units based on French equipment.  After a long series of negotiations, I was able to convince a good friend (Brad) into trading for these hard to find tanks.

21st Panzer_2

I still have some halftracks to finish painting.  The next step for the whole army is to ink, set decals, and then seal.

I have also been working on some Soviets.  I was able to assemble and paint 8 x T34/85s for the Seelow battle, a battery of 152mm guns, and the heavy rocket battery which I got for XMAS.  They all still need some finishing touched.  I also completed the ZIS 2 57mm AT guns.


I have a number of Soviet infantry, I am working on to complete the Strelkovy for mid and late war plus more ISU 152 or 122 to assemble.  Not sure which it will be yet.

I also have:

  • 3 x Zvezda T72 tanks painted
  • 1 Zvezda BTR 80 APC painted
  • 6 x M1 tanks from TY box
  • 2 x AH1 Cobra from TY box
  • 3 x M109 155m guns from Vietnam box almost painted
  • 4 x M113 APC painted
  • 4 x M113 APC assembled
  • A WW1 German army assembled and based
  • WW1 Stoss platoon painted
  • WW1 British trench mortar painted
  • WW2 US 101st engineer platoon
  • WW2 German volksgrenadier (1 platoon out of 3 completed)
  • 5x KV1S tanks assembled
  • 4x M36 Jacksons almost painted
  • 1 M577 painted, 1 not, and 1 objective to paint
  • 1 Modern US platoon (rebel minis and Khurasan) underway.

As you can see my concentration is out of control!

Team Yankee Soviets are inbound.  I am almost settled in my house in Germany.  I just need to find a good gaming group!


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