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Star Wars Legion in the Workshop   Leave a comment

Star Wars Legion!  I have been waiting for this since 1977!  I just didnt know it because I was only 6 then.

SWL Banner

This will be my game for the year.  I will concentrate on building the two armies and terrain.

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More painting and more painting   Leave a comment

I have been a very busy bee the last couple month.  In addition to painting two ACW armies, TY models, and some Space Marines, I have painted some a number of other models.  First up an Imperial Roman Century (well only 20 dudes instead of 80)

Roman Century

The goal will be a Roman Legion and Barbarian Army (Celt, Gaul, or Germanic)

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Taking the next step: 3D Printing   Leave a comment

Meet Lulzbot Mini

3D Printer

The mini was reviewed as a intermediate level printer, but an easy learning curve.  I try not to spend money on simple devices knowing full well I would upgrade in the near future.  So we got this one from Amazon for $1250 USD.  Of course I had to buy a bunch of filament for about $30 per spool.

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Flames of War Tag: Normandie   4 comments

I have been volunteered to host a Normandy game for our local club and a special visitor from the States.


We will have two tables.  The first will be Juno Beach (6′ x 7.5′) which is above.  We will have two Canadian companies landing here

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Market Garden Battle Day   1 comment


This year the gaming club selected two battlefield scenarios to run for Market Garden.

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US Forces for the Pacific (Gung Ho Edition)   1 comment

The question here is… how much do I expand my Pacific Theater Forces?

US Amtrac (1)

The Answer is “of course I need one more USMC company and support”

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Work in Progress January 2016   2 comments

One of my big purchases in 2015 was the 21st Panzer Division Stug tanks and other mechanized units based on French equipment.  After a long series of negotiations, I was able to convince a good friend (Brad) into trading for these hard to find tanks.

21st Panzer_2

I still have some halftracks to finish painting.  The next step for the whole army is to ink, set decals, and then seal.

I have also been working on some Soviets.  I was able to assemble and paint 8 x T34/85s for the Seelow battle, a battery of 152mm guns, and the heavy rocket battery which I got for XMAS.  They all still need some finishing touched.  I also completed the ZIS 2 57mm AT guns.


I have a number of Soviet infantry, I am working on to complete the Strelkovy for mid and late war plus more ISU 152 or 122 to assemble.  Not sure which it will be yet.

I also have:

  • 3 x Zvezda T72 tanks painted
  • 1 Zvezda BTR 80 APC painted
  • 6 x M1 tanks from TY box
  • 2 x AH1 Cobra from TY box
  • 3 x M109 155m guns from Vietnam box almost painted
  • 4 x M113 APC painted
  • 4 x M113 APC assembled
  • A WW1 German army assembled and based
  • WW1 Stoss platoon painted
  • WW1 British trench mortar painted
  • WW2 US 101st engineer platoon
  • WW2 German volksgrenadier (1 platoon out of 3 completed)
  • 5x KV1S tanks assembled
  • 4x M36 Jacksons almost painted
  • 1 M577 painted, 1 not, and 1 objective to paint
  • 1 Modern US platoon (rebel minis and Khurasan) underway.

As you can see my concentration is out of control!

Team Yankee Soviets are inbound.  I am almost settled in my house in Germany.  I just need to find a good gaming group!


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AAR: Seelow Heights   3 comments

Seelow T341

I had the privilege to travel with my command on a Staff Ride to visit the battlefields associated with the Seelow Heights and the Battle of Berlin.  The Navy never had staff rides and it was an amazing experience to attend one as a civilian.

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Bolt Action Mid Year Update   1 comment

I have accomplished a significant milestone.  I have a second (adversary) army for Bolt Action.  The first being the US Para.  Originally, I intended to complete a SS army, but it was quite enjoyable to paint Fallschirmjagers!  Now it is time to learn the rules again and play a couple matches.  Oh!  I just completed the Puma below too.

BA Puma

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Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Army   1 comment

My son just completed a lizardmen army he had sitting around for awhile, but would like to sell it so that he could buy some Forgeworld Tyranids.

Lizardmen (1)

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