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2016 A Gaming Year in Review   Leave a comment

I hope you all had a great 2016!

I going to take a whirl wind tour of what peaked my interest this year:

Miniatures in production:


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American War of Independence – Mid year update   Leave a comment

Progress has been steady but slow over the last year on my AWI collection.  Word of warning… no flag as I have been LAZY!  I have beautiful GMB flags, but I keep putting it off.AWI painting Read the rest of this entry »

33 Regiment of Foot (American War of Independence)   Leave a comment

I finally completed the Regiment by adding the GMB Flags.  The flags are absolutely beautiful!  I had to remove the plastic flag staves as they were too short for the GMB flags.  On this regiment I tried to drill holes in the hands to hold the flags.  In both cases the hands broke off.  I later found it easier to carve out the inside of the hand to sit the flag stave.

33rd Regiment (1)

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