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No Retreat: Clervaux   Leave a comment

The WWPD Firestorm Campaign for Bastonge continues this week with the Battle for Clervaux.


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Market Garden Battle Day   1 comment


This year the gaming club selected two battlefield scenarios to run for Market Garden.

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Push on to Dieulouard   Leave a comment

Mission: Encounter
Location: Near Dieulouard, France
Book: Blood, Guts, and Glory
Notes: First time running lists from BG&G.
US have rolled first move
US Tank Company (Confident Veteran)

  • HQ Section (M4A3E8, M4A3 (late))
  • Tank Platoon (M4A4E8, Jumbo, 2x M4A3 (late))
  • Tank Platoon (M4A4E8, 3x M4A3(late))
  • Armored Field Battery (3 x M7 Priest)
  • Cavalry Recon Platoon (1 Patrol)
  • Lt Col Abrams (M4A3 (76mm))
FHH PanzerKompanie (Reluctant Trained)

  • HQ Section (2 Panther)
  • Panzer Platoon (3 Panther)
  • Panzer Platoon (3 Panther)
  • Panzerjager Platoon (3x Panzer IV/70 (V))
  • Volksgrenadier platoon
  • Panzergrenadier platoon
  • Anti aircraft platoon (2x Mobelwagen)

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To Hell and Back with Flames of War   Leave a comment

I was inspired after watching Audie Murphy’s To Hell and Back to play another Italy themed battle.  I tried the US 3rd ID against German Grenadiers a couple months ago at 1500 points, so I upped the points to 1750 and kept similar army structures.

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Anzio – testing the 3rd ID list   2 comments

I have had the Dogs and Devils book for quite a long time and finally got around to putting together a battle with my son, Andrew.  He played the US with some of my help and I played the German 719th Grenadiers.  Ended up being a late night battle as we didnt even get the table put together until 11pm.  Good thing he is still on summer vacation!


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July Flames of War Wrap up   Leave a comment

Well I am back from a work trip to Japan and had a week to paint some miniatures before I head to Scotland for vacation.

A couple months ago I stripped the paint off my two King Tigers and then bought two more to give me one platoon and a company CO. I have been painting them for several months and had to take a break while I ordered decals from Doms Decals. I wanted the red numbers for the Tigers. I had seen some reports that some of the Tiger IIs had blue numbers. That would have been interesting to put on. My free hand isn’t good enough, so I went with the red numbers. I designated 3rd company for the Henchel turret and 2nd company for the Porsche turet design.

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Battle for Brest – Hill 105   Leave a comment

To continue my interest in the campaign to neutralize Festung Brest, I thought it would be great to try out the offical Battlefront scenario Hill 105.  The original scenario uses lists from Festung Europa (FE1).  For this scenario I used the 2nd Infantry Division PDF anda FJ list from Earth and Steel.

Historical basis for the scenario from the BF website.

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