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2013 Completed

Panzer Lehr Platoon FOW Battlefront 10-Jan-13
M125/M106 Mortar Carrier 4 Vietnam Battlefront 13-Jan-13
M125 Mortar Carrier 1 Vietnam Flashpoint Miniatures 13-Jan-13
Grille K 4 FOW Battlefront 15-Jan-13
SdKfz 231 8 Rad (DAK) 2 FOW Battlefront 15-Jan-13
Wirbelwind 1 FOW Battlefront 17-Jan-13
Sdkfz 7/1 quad 2cm 1 FOW Battlefront 17-Jan-13
US Para Rifles 8 Bolt Action Warlord Games 18-Jan-13
Taleban 6 Force on Force Flashpoint Miniatures 20-Jan-13
SdKfZ 7 2 FOW Battlefront 27-Jan-13
M1A2 SEP 3 Force on Force Khurasan Miniatures 25-Jan-13
M1 Abrams Tank 1 Force on Force Quality Castings 25-Jan-13

Paint schedule for 2013  ( I know it will change, but wish me luck!)

United States US Rifle Company (3 platoons winter) Battlefront
US Para Company NUTS Battlefront
German Panther G 5 PSC
Volksgrenadier Company (3 Platoons) Mix
StuG G 1 Peter Pig
StuG G 6 PSC
StuG G 5 Battlefront
StuG G (Russian) 1 Battlefront
Panzer IV H 10 PSC
Panzer IV H 2 Peter Pig
Grille K 4 Battlefront
Wirbelwind 1 Battlefront
Sdkfz 7/1 quad 2cm 1 Battlefront
8 Rads (DAK) 2 Battlefront
Panzer III G (DAK) 10 PSC
Panzer II (DAK) 5 Command Decision
SDKFZ 251 C (DAK) 10 PSC
SDKFZ 251 B (DAK) 1 Zvezda
Stuka 3 Battlefront
Panzer Lehr Platoon Battlefront
Grenadier Scout Platoon Battlefront
VGD Scout Platoon (winter) Battlefront
VGD Mortar Platoon Battlefront
VGD HMG Platoon Battlefront
Pak50 AT platoon Battlefront
Japan Type 97 Chi Ha 5 QRF
Type 97 Chi Ha Shinhoto 5 Old Glory
Type 94 4 QRF
Italy Motorciclisti Platoon Battlefront
CR42 Falco 3x Battlefront
Lancia 90mm 2x Battlefront
Polish Piechoty Company (base coated) 2 Battlefront
Piechoty Company (In box) 1 Battlefront
Piechoty AT platoon 37mm guns Battlefront
Battalion HQ Battlefront
Light Gun Battery 75mm guns Battlefront
Light Howitzer Battery 100mm guns Battlefront
Machine gun platoon Battlefront
Czolgow Platoon 7TP jw 5 Battlefront
Recon tank platoon TKS 5 Battlefront
USSR KV1s 5 Battlefront
T28 5 Battlefront
Bolt Action US Para 30
US Para 75mm gun 1 Artizan
German SS Panzergrenadiers 24 Warlord
Vietnam Mortar Carrier Platoon Battlefront
SAGA Norman Warband (6 points) Various

List of miniatures painted in 2012

United States M4A3 Late 10 PSC
M4A3E8 5 Battlefront
M4A3E2 4 Battlefront
M4A3 Late 1 Peter Pig
M4A3 Late (Abrams) 1 Battlefront
M4A3E8 (Abrams) 1 Battlefront
D9 bulldozer 2 Battlefront
2 ton dump truck 8 Battlefront
Combat Engineer Company 1 Battlefront
M24 Chaffee 5 Battlefront
M10 uparmored 4 Battlefront
M18 Hellcat 8 Battlefront
M20 Utility 4 Battlefront
T34 Calliope 2 Battlefront
T34 Calliope (1 repainted) 2 Peter Pig
Sherman M4A2 (USMC) 5 Command Decision
LVT 2 Buffalo 2 Command Decision
Jeep 6 Battlefront
USSR KV1s (repaint) 6 Battlefront
KV 5 (Mid War Monster) 1 Battlefront
SU76m 1 Battlefront
SU 100 5 Battlefront
Germany Panther G 5 PSC
Panther G 1 Peter Pig
Panther G (Peiper) 1 Battlefront
SdKfz 251/17D 2 Battlefront
SdKfz 251/17D (repaint) 1 Battlefront
Panzer IVJ 5 Battlefront
Bergepanther 1 Battlefront
King Tiger w/o Zimmerit 1 Battlefront
Me262 1 Model Power
Volksgrenadier Company (3 Platoons winter) Mix
France Compagnie de Tiralleurs (2 platoons) Battlefront
French Foreign Legion Sapper Platoon Battlefront
 Vichy AT platoon (75mm gun) Battlefront
Free French AT platoon 25mm SA-34 gun Battlefront
Tiralleurs Mortar Platoon Battlefront
Tirailleurs Machine-gun Platoon Battlefront
Tirailleurs 75mm Artillery Battery Battlefront
Tiralleurs 105mm Arillery Battery. Battlefront
Self Propellled 75mm AA trucks 4 Battlefront
H39 Tankette 3 Battlefront
R35 Tank 6 Battlefront
SAGA Scot Warlord 1 Wargames Foundry
Soer-chele 12 Gripping Beast
Toisech 24 Gripping Beast
Carts 2 Gripping Beast
Viking Warlord 1 Wargames Foundry
Viking Warlord 1 Gripping Beast
Viking Hearthguard 12 Gripping Beast
Viking Berserkers 4 Gripping Beast
Viking Warriors 16 Gripping Beast
Viking Warriors 8 Wargames Factory
Viking archers 12 Gripping Beast

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  1. Cool. You gotta put your pics of them up

    David Martinez

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