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DAK Panzers   1 comment

The DAK panzers have been one of those long term projects we all have.  I bought most of the models at least 6 years ago minus the PSC half tracks and Panzer IIIs.

DAK Panzers

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Burning Empires – French Support Units   Leave a comment

First up is the Vichy AT platoon.  The French found that their 75mm artillery piece was effective against tanks.  An AT rating of 8 makes this a formidable gun  against even early Panzer IVs with a front armor of 4.

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Three Dirty Matildas   Leave a comment

After seeing some nice looking Matildas on the Flames of War Forums, I decided to give it a shot at painting the caunter camo scheme.  I still need to add decals for the the tank name and tank number.

Comments for improvement will be greatly appreciated.

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