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Flames of Version 4   Leave a comment

Version 4 is here.  I was able to attend the Beasts of War Boot camp for FOW Version 4 and it was an incredible experience.  I would go back for any other game I am interested, just to hang out and have a good time.  I met a lot of great people that I would love to game with anytime.


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AAR – Hasty Attack at Lollange   Leave a comment

Turn 3 or Week 3 of the Bastogne Campaign Continues.  This week I juggled between Longvilly and Lollange.  I picked Lollange because it has an interesting story with Company G from the 110th Infantry Regiment.


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No Retreat: Clervaux   Leave a comment

The WWPD Firestorm Campaign for Bastonge continues this week with the Battle for Clervaux.


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WWPD Bastogne Campaign: Cafe Schinker   Leave a comment



Borrowed from the scenario for Cafe Schinker:

Situation: Situation: The 39th Fusilier Regiment is the southern prong of the 26th Volksgrenadier Division’s push towards Bastogne. Fusiliers have crossed the Our River in the early morning hours of December 16th, 1944. Their immediate objective is the town of Café Schinker. The town is defended by “L” Company of the 110th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division. The US must try to hold on tow the town, while the German Grenadiers must quickly break this position to clear the way for the Panzers pf the Panzer Lehr Division when they start crossing assault bridges being erected across the Our River.

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Market Garden Battle Day   1 comment


This year the gaming club selected two battlefield scenarios to run for Market Garden.

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Nijmegen Project   2 comments

With the 72 year anniversary for Market Garden this year, our gaming club decided to go with two battles Hell’s Highway and Nijmegen Bridge.  I was tasked with the pleasure of designing and setting up the Nijmegen table.  My  son and drove across the bridge in 2015 and the picture shown is looking south over the River Waal.


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DAK Panzers   1 comment

The DAK panzers have been one of those long term projects we all have.  I bought most of the models at least 6 years ago minus the PSC half tracks and Panzer IIIs.

DAK Panzers

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1st Armored Breaks out of Anzio   2 comments

This is a unique game in that it was a demo for a number of my son’s friends and one of their dads’.


Mission: Free for All

The mission is based around the breakout in May 1944 from the Anzio beach head by the US 1st Armored Division which faced the Hermann Goering Division.

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The 36th Infantry at Paestum, Italy.   3 comments

Never heard of Paestum, Italy?  Neither had I until I put together this game.  Paestum is the Italian seaside town where the 36th Infantry landed during Operation Avalanche in September 1943.  Most people think of Salerno, but that is where the British Commandos and British X Corps landed.  Kesselring had anticipated the Allies landing near Salerno and had the 16th Panzer Division in the area to reduce any foot hold.  At Paestum, the US 36th Infantry went up against Kampfgruppe Doering which consisted of the 2nd Panzer Regiment and 79th Panzergrenadier Regiment.

setup (1)

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WWPD Operation Overlord: Battle for St. Lo   Leave a comment

We have had a marathon gaming session this week.  1 game Friday and two games on Saturday.  Only one more day left for the WWPD campaign

BattleStLo (1)

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