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Space Marine Primaris force   Leave a comment

My son has always been into Warhammer 40k.  He picked up the Dark Imperium, Know No Fear, and First Strike boxes over the summer at Historicon.  I know… its not exactly historical!!

Primaris Leadership

They have been in my painting drawers since summer.  To throw more variety into my painting spree and focus on ACW, I decided to complete these, so I can get a few games of 40k in my son.

My Space Marine chapter is called Storm.  I painted the flag to represent a lightning storm.

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Forget Napoleon! This is the year of Star Wars (SW Armada game)   Leave a comment

Taking a break from historical wargaming and zombicide, we broke out Star Wars Armada.  Originally, I was going to host a Battleaxe battle, but I found I need to do some homework before we attempt that battle.  I have no idea how to use a desert fort.  So instead of doing something with our significant others, we elected to attempt Star Wars Armada.  Of course we had to compliment our game with some high quality Belgian beer.  Affligem is by far my favorite Belgian.  The triple is best, but the blonde is really good on a hot a summer night.  Unfortunately, I dont have an Afflifem glass, so I apologize to my fellow beer drinkers.

Armada (1)

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Rebel Minis Sabre Gunship and HAMR Recon Suit   Leave a comment

No catchy title for this post, but its a marathon day of Posts with new miniatures coming off the paint table.  These are from the Rebel Minis Earth Force line consisting of the Sabre Gunship and HAMR Recon Suit.  These miniatures will be support units for my Human forces in Tomorrow’s War.  Tomorrow’s War is primarily advertised as a small scale infantry unit game, but that doesn’t prevent players from adding AFVs, support weapons, air support, and transports to the mix.  Tomorrow’s War even has rules for robot and UAVs plus lots of options for Aliens.   The ruleset also supports creating custom units including races.

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They’re coming outta the walls. They’re coming outta the goddamn walls.   2 comments

The Space Demons (Aliens) have crash landed in my mail box.  My son made quick work painting and basing these miniatures.  He is a big fan of the Aliens movies.  His favorite miniatures are alien type armies such as Games Workshop Tyranids.  These miniatures are from the Khurasan Miniatures Space Demons line.  These Aliens will be one of our OPFORs for Ambush Alley’s Tomorrow’s War gaming ruleset.  We will have a Human force, a Feline force, a Krusty Alien force, and maybe one or two other human type armies.  The game requires about 40 miniatures per side for an army which makes the game economical in terms of buying different types of armies.


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