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DAK Panzers   1 comment

The DAK panzers have been one of those long term projects we all have.  I bought most of the models at least 6 years ago minus the PSC half tracks and Panzer IIIs.

DAK Panzers

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The late war Panzer IV Comparison   1 comment

Over the years, I have accumulated a fair number of Panzer IV tanks.  Mostly from Battlefront, but with the release of PSC tanks I added another company of tanks.  Then I got to thinking… wouldn’t it be cool to see how other manufacturers stack up against Battlefront.  In this post we will look at the Battlefront Panzer IV H with metal schurzen, Battlefront Panzer IV H with plastic schurzen, Battlefront Panzer IV J, Plastic Solider Company Panzer IV H, Peter Pig Panzer IV H, Quality Castings Panzer IV H, and the Old Glory Panzer IV H.


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A Collection of StuG III Gs   2 comments

I seem to have a strange addiction… I like to collect StuG III G models.  Luckily, this addiction has only manifested its self in 15mm plus one 1/48 scale model that I have not assembled yet.  Whats next after 1/48 scale?  will it ever end?  Perhaps my wife can accept the fact that I can sell the house and buy a real working one.  Not sure she would be happy because, I wont be able to drop the kids off at school in it!

stugarmy (15)

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December 2012 Paint Barn Recap   2 comments

I wasn’t completely inactive over the last couple months.  Here are a few photos of the miniatures I have completed during November and December.

Buildings (8)


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Sherman Model Comparison (WIP)   2 comments

I have alot of Shermans.  Mostly from Battlefront, but many from other manufactures including Peter Pig, Old Glory, and Plastic Solider Company.  I am going to attempt to show comparisons of the different models graphically to help my fellow gamers pick what is out there.  Its going to take awhile because I dont all the models I would want to compare yet, but I will start acquiring them just for you the reader!!

Here are the first tanks for comparison.  I had someone ask how the Peter Pig T34 Calliope compare against other Shermans.  Let me know which other shots are important to you to compare tanks and any recommendations for comparison.

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USMC M4A2 Shermans and LVT Buffalos   Leave a comment

I have been sitting on these vehicles for a very long time.  Over a year I would bet.  I should have finished them when I completed my USMC rifle company, but I got side tracked.  I decided to pull them out and complete them along with the M18s, Easy 8s, and Jumbos I recently purchased.

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US Tank Destroyer (M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson)   Leave a comment

I picked up the M10 and M36 tank destroyers several years ago when I first started collecting Flames of War miniatures.  The M10 Wolverines are Battlefront models and the M36 Jackson are from the Old Glory Command Decision range.

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Command Decision SU 100 or is it the SU85M?   1 comment

I was intrigued by the SU100 as a counter to the Tiger and Panther in Flames of War.  Plus I am mini-holic and have to have all the options available to me even though I might not even play it on a normal basis.  I have been neglecting my Soviet FOW army for quite some time and not giving them new toys to play with.  However, I have been working on a few things lately… the ZIS 5 trucks, SU 100s, and some PSC T 34s.  The ZIS 5 trucks were high lighted a month ago and I will complete the PSC T-34s once I get some new decals.  Would love the heavy artillery box, if someone has some extra cash for xmas 🙂

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Early War Panzer IICs and Panzer 38(t)   Leave a comment

Well I have been very slow at creating an Early War Army for Flames of War.  I actually bought the Polish Army Box quite some time ago, but they are only primed and waiting for some paint.  However, tThe Early War German tanks are so damn easy to paint with the panzer grey color and especially when Battlefront releases a spray painted aimed at making it even more lazy.  Enjoy and leave comments.  Its quite a swarm of little tanks!

Paner 38(t) from Old Glory (Command Decision) on left and Panzer IIc from Old Glory (Command Decision) on right.  Both tanks have Battlefront tank commanders.

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Imperial Japanese Army   2 comments

It has taken me a very long time to finally complete this army. I first start collected Japanese miniatures at the 2008 Historicon and picked up the latest piece on Thursday.

The miniatures are a combination of command decision and Peter Pig. The Chi Ha Shinhoto tanks are Quality Casting. The Type 92 70mm and Type 94 37mm guns are by Peter Pig.

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