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This is the second for us in the Team Yankee Firestorm campaign.  This week both my son and daughter played and I filled the role as game master.  In my role I tried to provide unbiased advice for both.  They didnt always take it!!  I spent the week painting up many models to bring them to game quality.  I still have several steps to go on a number of models.

OF Soviet Horde

SITREP:  Soviets have blasted through the Fulda Gap and are now threatening the industrial city of Frankfurt.  While USAREUR forces are reorganizing, a company of West German Leopards with some infantry support have been tasked with slowing the Soviet Juggernaut as it approached the outskirts of Frankfurt.

Battlefield:  The table represents a secondary highway on the East side of Frankfurt where it is a bit flater.  This area of the country can see small industrial areas, farms, and towns.

Mission:  We rolled on the More Missions PDF and the winner was… NO RETREAT

My daughter (now known as Emmy Dragon for AARs) elected to be on defensive with the West German force.  Last week she was the US Force.

West German Panzer Kompanie

  • Leopard 2 HQ
  • Leopard 2 Zug (3 x Leopard 2)
  • Leopard 2 Zug (3 x Leopard 2)
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon (full size)
  • Luchs Patrol (2 x Luchs
  • FlaKpanzer (4 x Gepard)
  • Fliegerfaust Gruppe (4 x Redeye)

My son played under my Nom de Guerre as a Soviet T64 Battalion.

Battalion HQ (1x T64)

  • Tank Company (6 x T64 with Songster Missle)
  • Tank Company (6 x T64 with Songster Missle)
  • Motor Rifle Company (W/ BMPs and mid size unit 9x BMP 2s)
  • BDRM Recon (4 x BRDM-2; I like how cheap this option is)
  • AA Platoon (4 x ZSU23-4)
  • SA-8 Gecko (2 x SA8 Gecko)


Emmy Dragon elected to take the city as the defender.  The mission allowed her to have 4 minefields per 25 points.  She deployed the minefields to limit the paths available to the Soviet Player.  She kept the Gepards as the Ambush unit.

OF Deployment (1)


OF Deployment (2)Turn 1:  The Soviets dashed all units into the Fray.  The West German Gepard Ambush lays waste to the Soviet BMPs killing 6 out of 9.  I told me son to be careful!  The Leopards and Milans had mixed results where they killed a couple T64, but bailed quite  a few.

OF Gepards Ambush

OF Leopard Reserve

Turn 2:  Soviets redeploy with the objective of hitting the left flank of the Capitalist Germans!  The BDRM recon and Shilkas get a number of kills on the German Marders and Gepards.  My son was fired up and stunned at the devastation at the same time!!

OF Counter Assualt

Turn 3:  The battle started to turn into a slug match of attrition, but the Soviet Motor Infantry commander downed a bottle of Vodka followed by a bottle of Schnapps and then assaulted the lone Leopard in the forest (One was destroyed and another bailed).  The Soviets assaulted from cover = no defensive fire.  A soviet RPG finished off a Leopard 2 and the bailed Leopard quit the game!!

OF Infantry Assault

Turn 4:  The Germans were not out of the fight.  Milan missiles and a Leopard finished off one company of T64s.  The Shilkas were bailed out and one destroyed plus another two T64s from the other company.

Turn 5:  The German Redeye teams arrived to help contest the objective, and the slug match between the Leopards and T64s continued.  However, the Soviet Motor Infantry kept advancing.  In a moment of heroism 4 Soviet infantry run out into the street with their RPGs and take out the German Kompanie Commander.


Turn 6:  Soviet Motor infantry annihilates the Redeye teams with a burst of fire and then assaulted a lone Leopard 2 for the win!

OF Players

Hero of the Game… The Soviet Motor Infantry.

Comments:  I was shocked how my son drove all my soviets right into the Leopards and then instantly become chewed up by the Gepards.  I told him Gepards were really nasty cats that make Soviet children cry.

Nobody took the infantry as a threat until it was too late.  The German infantry successfully holed up and held the objective.  The Soviet infantry won two fights from concealed terrain killing 3 Leopards and one Leopard from a side shot.  The T64s only killed one Leopard 2 and bailed two others.  However, they were the focus of the Leopards instead of the stealthy infantry.


800 size photos

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